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Hearing Aids

When thinking about purchasing hearing aids, there are numerous factors to consider.

hearing aid - behind the ear
Behind the Ear Hearing Aid
  • What type and style do you need?
  • How does it fit?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Are there options for payment help?
  • Are they easy to clean?
  • Are they easy to repair?
  • What Accessory Options are available?

You can purchase hearing aids at many different places and at a wide range of prices. Hearing Aids range from extremely tiny ones that fit completely in the ear canal, to ones that are placed behind a person’s ear. Some places are happy to take your money as they shove a hearing aid across the desk. Such devices are simply amplifiers that may amplify everything in your environment. Rarely are you well served by such devices or lack of service.

Smart Hearing Instruments vs Hearing Aids

digital devices
Digital converts sound to numbers that can be manipulated by a computer!
Analog makes everything louder!

Most people are familiar with the idea that “hearing aids” help people hear better.  There are many electronic hearing aids today from cheap “Personal Amplifying Devices” that may cost $ 300 or less that are often analog technology (just make things louder)to to digital hearing aids (provide amplification, some background noise reduction and feedback control).

Smart Hearing Instruments do more for you automatically than traditional or standard “digital” hearing aids. They do a better job of filtering out annoying background noise, helping you to hear soft speech from further away, and connecting to a host of Bluetooth devices such as TV, computers, your Smart Phones, and companion microphones that ALLOW YOU TO CONTROL YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

YOUR BEST HEARING will come from the proper selection of a SMART hearing instrument that is properly adjusted to suit your special needs by an experienced audiologist. Dr. Navarro has been practicing audiology for over 45 years and has personally worn hearing aids for over 50 years. There are not many situations he has not personally encountered.

At Love To Hear Again, we offer both digital and Smart Hearing Instruments at the lowest prices possible through unbundling of the cost of the hearing device from the professional services.

At Love To Hear Again, digital hearing aids start at $ 1150 for both ears while Smart Hearing Instruments start at $ 2800 for both ears!

You get better technology at less cost with professional care at Love To Hear Again.

Love to Hear Again has partnered up with some of the top manufacturers of hearing aids and smart hearing instruments.

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