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“When you lose your vision, you lose things. When you lose your hearing, you lose people! -Helen Keller”

Better Hearing is Love!

Most people seek out hearing help to hear the people they love. That person could be your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, or a good friend.Couple Laughing

Hearing loss affects all ages as the single most common birth defect in newborns is hearing loss. Early hearing loss should be identified at birth so treatment can begin as soon as possible to maximize speech and language development.

Adult onset hearing loss should be treated soon after identification to reduce the risk of brain atrophy that can contribute to dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Many offices use just one hearing instrument manufacturer. At Love To Hear Again, we know that each hearing problem is unique so we help you select your instrument to address your particular problem from the 6 largest hearing instrument manufacturers. Our goal is to help you hear your best.

At Love to Hear Again we offer the following Hearing Services:

Hearing Test

Most people are familiar with the simple tonal tests used to evaluate hearing. Actually, there are hundreds of tests used to test the auditory system depending upon what aspect of the hearing problem is being explored. Dr. Elyssa Washburn can determine which tests to run and to interpret those test results.

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Hearing Instruments

hearing aidYou can purchase hearing aids at many different places and at a wide range of prices. Some places are happy to take your money as they shove a hearing aid across the desk. Such devices are simply amplifiers that may amplify everything in your environment. Rarely are you well served by such devices or lack of service.

YOUR BEST HEARING will come from the proper selection of a SMART hearing instrument that is properly adjusted to suit your special needs by an experienced audiologist. Dr. Navarro has been practicing audiology for over 45 years and has personally worn hearing aids for over 50 years. There are not many situations he has not personally encountered.

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Tinnitus (ear noises)

Over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic ear noises called tinnitus - "tin-i-tis" or "tin-ai-tus". Ear noises are a symptom of a problem and should not be taken lightly. The problem can range from earwax, too much stress, high cholesterol, abnormal blood sugar, excessive noise, side effects of medications or chemotherapy, or even a brain tumor.  Take the tinnitus handicap inventory of the difficulties that you may be experiencing from tinnitus.

TinnitusThe best treatment of tinnitus is based on an understanding of what is causing the tinnitus. While hearing instruments or tinnitus maskers do work for many people, a professional will look for the cause of the problem before recommending hearing instruments. Over the counter treatment remedies are widely available and are frequently a waste of money.

Since there are many causes of tinnitus, there are an equal number of treatments. Treatment may be as simple as regular exercise and better nutrition. In other cases, it may be necessary to eliminate the underlying cause, the use of special hearing instruments or re-training therapy.

Tinnitus -

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Ear Wax Care

Earwax is important for good ear health but too much earwax can be a problem especially for hearing instrument users. A simple “peek” in the ear with a special light allows us to determine if you need the wax removed from your ear.

Ear wax care may include counseling about regular ear flushing, removal with a special tool, or a vacuum.

Ear wax management is particularly important for hearing instrument users as even a small amount of wax can create problems for your hearing instrument.

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Fall Prevention Therapy

Request a copy of our free brochure on Falls and Hearing Loss.

Injuries due to falls are one of the most devastating events that can occur to anyone at any age but are particularly dangerous for seniors who do not heal fast or may have other problems such as brittle bones. Statistics show that an injurious fall for an 85 year senior has a 50% chance of death within 12 months.

There are many causes for falls and many are preventable. Within the body, there are three systems that work together to reduce one’s chance of falling. These systems include the inner ear, the eyes, and muscle sense from the lower limbs and hips. If one of these systems is not working properly, the other two will usually compensate for this weakness but when two or more of the systems are weak the person is prone to falling.

The inner ear is made up of both hearing and balance organs so a weakened inner ear can be a major cause of falls. One study used data from the 2001–2004 cycles of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Over 2,000 survey participants between the ages of 40 to 69 had their hearing tested and responded to the question, “Have you fallen during the past year?” The researcher reported that people with mild hearing loss (25 decibels) were nearly three times as likely to have a history of falling. Every additional 10 dB of loss hearing increased the likelihood of falling by 1.4. Other factors (age, sex, race, cardiovascular disease and vestibular function) were also considered but the findings held true.

Poor nutrition to the inner ear can cause significant changes within the sensory organs of hearing and balance. Both high cholesterol and diabetes are significant causes of poor circulation.

Another major cause of falls is poor vision and this is especially true for seniors with macular degeneration and cataracts. While cataracts may be corrected surgically, macular degeneration may be reversed with proper nutrition to the eyes.

Muscle sense problems are another major cause of falls among seniors who may not exercise. The lack of movement becomes a Catch 22 as less movement weakens muscles and weaker muscles makes a person less willing to move.

Our holistic approach to the problem of Fall Prevention encourages the patient to implement a healthier life style that will reduce the risk of falling. It includes a thorough assessment of hearing, lifestyle assessment, and the development of a solid foundation for healthier living.

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Nutritional Counseling

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