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Love To Hear Again’s Holistic Approach to Hearing, Balance and Tinnitus

“Our first mission is to evaluate the overall problem and to explore possible causes for the problem. Whenever possible, elimination of that cause may make the overall problem disappear, become a smaller problem, or stabilize the problem. – Dr. Richard Navarro”

Explore the Problem

Dr. Rick Navarro Audiologist
Dr. Washburn and Dr. Navarro believes in a Holistic Approach to Patient Care

HOLISTIC: The concept of “Holistic” as it relates to the care of patients who have hearing, balance, and tinnitus problems is unique. We pledge to find solutions that match the needs of our patient rather than a canned approach. Most audiologists run tests and fit hearing aids or tinnitus maskers.

We seek to help our patients by evaluating the overall problem, exploring possible causes for the problem and seeking to reduce or eliminate the problem before we offer a solution. Whenever possible, elimination of that cause may make the overall problem disappear, become a smaller problem, or stabilize the problem.

Some offices offer video otoscopy to show that a patient has too much earwax. We will clear the wax to eliminate the problem.

We also try to anticipate the outcome of any solution so we don’t make the problem worse. For example, patients who have chronic ear infections may make this problem worse if fitted with the wrong hearing aid.

So you ask, what can I do to prevent/treat hearing loss? “Killing Me Softly” by Dr. Navarro addresses such concerns.

  • Cholesterol Reduction: High cholesterol has been known to affect hearing, balance, and tinnitus since the late 1960’s yet few audiologists ask their patients about this. We offer a proven, safe, non-statin based solution to high cholesterol that may help stabilize hearing and balance problems.
    For more information, please read Dr. Navarro’s Does high cholesterol really affect my hearing?
    For a natural approach to lowering LDL cholesterol – Cholesterol Reduction Complex.
  • Cognitive Decline and Hearing Loss: Recent research from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine confirms what audiologists realized back in the early 70″s. The lack of sound stimulation may result in actual shrinkage of the hearing centers in the brain with the possible linkage to the development of cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. As evidence continues to mount that hearing loss is a contributing factor in the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, it is imperative to be aware of the profound consequences of ignoring hearing loss. People with hearing loss on average wait seven years from when they are diagnosed to seek treatment, even though the sooner hearing loss is detected and treatment begins, the more hearing ability can be preserved. Considering early diagnosis and medical intervention also slows the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, it is more important than ever to get hearing loss treated sooner rather than later. Click to read full article Cogntive Decline and Hearing Loss, by Dr. Navarro.
  • Prevention of hearing loss: Research has shown that a select combination of vitamins and minerals may actually prevent the development of hearing loss and tinnitus. There are three types of vitamins (read more). Published research from the 1970’s reversed the symptoms of Meniere’s disease with nutritional therapy.   We offer the highest quality food supplements based on 100 years of science and manufactured with the highest standards for purity and potency.We seek to prevent hearing, balance, and tinnitus problems through a careful case history and a careful examination. When it is not possible to reverse the symptoms, then we will explore ways to reduce the impact in the patient’s everyday life.Our goal is to help our patients live a fuller, more enriched life. To do this, we work with your primary care physician to improve your health and help you enjoy life more fully.
  • Identify Potential Problems: We routinely do a blood pressure measure at every appointment because millions of Americans have undiagnosed high blood pressure that can result in a stroke. If we can identify and get care for that problem, we have helped our patient. Our true passion is helping people not trying to lift their wallet or max out their credit cards.
  • Solution Based Hearing Instruments: When we do recommend hearing aids, we seek to the instruments that give the patient and their family the greatest help at the least cost. A pair of our premium hearing instruments may cost less than a single hearing aid from popular retail offices. Our premium hearing instruments have proven clinical research documenting that hearing impaired users may do better in background noise such as restaurants than normal hearers.While commission based hearing aid dealers may recommend the most expensive hearing aid, we work with the patient to select hearing instruments that will do the job they need done rather than the one that will result in the greatest commission. We offer hearing instruments from Signia, Phonak, Widex and Oticon that can fit almost any budget.
  • Tinnitus Treatment:  Over 80 million Americans suffer from chronic ear noises. We offer treatment based on the cause of the tinnitus rather than routinely fitting tinnitus maskers or hearing aids. Tinnitus retraining, cognitive, relaxation and nutrition therapies may be appropriate. In some cases, removing earwax may stop the tinnitus!
  • Fall Prevention: Hearing loss and the risk of falling are major concerns. Research shows that patients with a mild hearing loss are three times more likely to fall than normal hearers. An 85 year old senior who falls and breaks a bone has a 50% chance of dying within a year from that fall. We don’t want our patients to suffer this catastrophe and offer proven therapies to reduce your risk of falling and becoming injured. Dr. Navarro was a national consultant for a major vestibular equipment manufacturer and trained physicians, physical therapists, nurses and audiologists in this area.
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“Love to Hear Again” does not quit until the customer is totally happy.  I had a very difficult time getting used to hearing aids.  Never having worn them before, l didn’t really know what to expect.  I was a difficult patient to satisfy, but that didn’t stop them until I was satisfied.  Once I apologized for requesting so many appointments.  Their response was that they didn’t just provide hearing aids, but service was their number one goal.  There are a lot of providers of the equipment, but there was trust, respect, and mutual goals in resolution of my hearing that made the relationship work.

James Unrau Colleyville, TX May 16, 2017