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SMART Hearing Instrument Models

Smart Hearing Instrument
Receiver in the Canal

Smart Hearing Instrument
Completely in the Canal
All technology levels are available in these two discreet hearing instrument models.
Why look at anything else?

Bluetooth Connections

  • Bluetooth is a great way to connect to your cell phone, TV, MP3 player, and other devices. It allows hands free connection and allows you to hear on the phone in both ears.
  • Turn off the microphones on your hearing instruments when you are on the phone to eliminate background noise so you can hear the phone conversation better.
  • Transmit directly from your TV so you can set the clarity to your level without bothering others!
  • Change your hearing aid program and volume discreetly!

Smart Phone Appbluetooth connection hearingiphone

Control your hearing instrument from your phone
bluetooth connection hearingbluetooth connection hearing


Smart Hearing Instruments Manufacturers

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After experiencing hearing loss over the past couple of years, I finally made the decision it was time for hearing aids. After a lot of research about hearing aids and hearing  professionals, I discovered Dr. Navarro.  I was very impressed with his credentials and scheduled an appointment in October 2014.  After a very through examination and discussion about my hearing problems, he told me because of his own hearing loss he had a personal experience with a number of hearing aids. This impressed me because he was not representing any specific hearing aid companies, but was more concerned with what would be best to address my hearing needs.  A good friend, who has had hearing loss for twenty years, recommended “Siemens Pure” hearing aids.  Dr. Navarro was very positive about them and mentioned that Siemens had just come out with a new hearing aid with a much faster receiver, the “Siemens Carat”.  He was one of the few Audiologist who was testing them nationally and had suggested I try them for 30 days.  I have been wearing them now for 8 months and I can’t tell you how my my life has changed.  I can hear more clearly now and not feel left out of the conversation.  Dr. Navarro is always available to answer my questions .  If you have make the decision to change you life with better hearing, I would highly recommend Dr. Navarro.

June 8, 2015