"Dear Dr. Washburn, I am having a good day because of you! Getting the wax out of my ears and adjusting my hearing aids solved all my problems. It was a wonderful day when we met you!"

~ Doris B.

Services Offered at Love to Hear Again Audiology

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New: Virtual Consultations!

Love to Hear Again is now offering Virtual Consultations and TeleCare hearing device tuning! Schedule a Virtual Appointment!

Hearing Device Consultation

We work with each individual patient in order to find what device technology, style, features, pricing, etc., will be the best fit for his/her unique needs and lifestyle. No one-size-fits-all approach!

Hearing Device Fitting, Tuning/Adjustments, Modification, Cleaning, and Troubleshooting

Whether you've purchased your hearing device at our office (included services) or elsewhere (for a small office visit fee), we can assist you with any amplification fine-tuning, Bluetooth streaming, or physical or software malfunctions your devices might encounter.

Custom Earmolds

We take impressions of ears for having custom ear solutions (swim plugs, musician plugs, earbud sleeves, hearing protection - solid or active filter).

Ear Cleaning

We have tiny wax removal tools, debris suction tubes, and a low-pressure handheld rinser in order to safely and comfortably remove any build-up in your ears.

Hearing Screening & Testing

Hearing test and sound booth for ear ringing relief

Video Otoscopy

You'll be able to see inside your own ear canal and look for your eardrum.


We'll take an automatic measure of your eardrum to tell if it’s functioning normally (vs. puncture, fluid, and congestion/air pressure build-up).

Pure Tones

You'll respond when you hear the beeps at various volume levels and pitches in order for us to gather your hearing profile.

Speech Understanding

You'll repeat words and phrases at various volume levels in order for us to measure which level you discern words/speech best.

Tinnitus (Ringing/Sounds in Ears) Assessment

We will take a full noise exposure and health history to determine likely causes of your tinnitus, match the pitch/quality and loudness of your perceived tinnitus, then offer a unique recommendation or potential relief.

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Specialty Services

Veteran Services

We offer hearing & hearing aid services for veterans through the TriWest/Choice program.

On-Site Screenings

We are available by request/reservation for on-site screenings for corporate & community health fairs or events.

Holistic/Nutritional Supplementation Consultation

We can often alleviate hearing, tinnitus, or imbalance issues by fueling the body systems with the proper levels of micronutrients that our American diets often lack.

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Insurances Accepted

We accept the following in-network insurances:

Credit Cards & Financing

We accept all major credit cards.

0% financing is also available.

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